Unmet need in CSU: the burden of disease

Burden of disease

CSU is a debilitating disease that severely impacts patients’ lives

Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is characterised
by the daily, or almost daily, appearance of itchy hives, angioedema or both lasting six weeks or more.1-3

It is not just the physical symptoms of CSU that may affect your patients’ daily lives. CSU is a debilitating condition,1 which frequently results in feelings of anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and reduced participation in social activities.4-9

Daily impact on QoL

CSU profoundly impacts patients’ day-to-day lives.4-9


92%of patients report sleep
disruption or interference4


74%reported impaired work


84%were restricted in recreation
and social interactions4


73%of patients are restricted in
their psysical activities4

*Patient verbatim and profile comes from hypothetical patient for illustrative purpose only

Data from ASTERIA II; two other phase III studies (ASTERIA I and GLACIAL) were also conducted to assess efficacy and safety of Xolair® in inadequately controlled CSU patients

Xolair® 300mg vs. baseline at 12 weeks; p<0.001 vs placebo.

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NP4 code: GLDEIM/IGE025E/0181

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